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      The Best Time To Apply for A Passport

The best time to apply for your passport is BEFORE you need one or want one to plan your getaway or explore new vacation ideas. This is helpful for a few reasons. The cost of a last-minute passport is substantially different. Collecting the documents required at the last-minute can be difficult at times. Especially if you discover your missing someones birth certificate, or other documents needed. The stress of worrying whether you will actually get the process completed and it delivered in time when needed. Having your passport also gives you many vacation options that you wouldn’t have without one. There are great deals to be had that you will be able to take advantage of and new places to discover.  After all we love to travel because we love to experience and discover new places, new people, and learn new things, right?

If you have a large family getting passports ahead of needing them will also allow you to apply for a couple at a time if cost is a factor. If you have adult children or young adults in your family, purchasing passports as a gift is a great gift to give. You could give it as a note in a card of your gift plan to them.  Maybe let them know ahead of time your gift  so they can help prepare the information needed to receive the passport in time for their special day, occasion, or holiday. I think it makes a great wedding gift, pay for the new couple to get their passports.  A unique and useful gift,  something I think  they will be excited to have!