Ideas for Planning a Vacation on a Budget

Planning a vacation can be a daunting task if you try planning everything last-minute.

Give yourself ample time in advance to explore different locations for your vacation.  Do some research on pricing. Airfare can change drastically depending on time of year, location, and how far in advance you are able to book. Believe it or not even the  length of your trip and the days of the week you are planning on traveling can make a difference in fares.

To buy or not to buy travel insurance.  This is where I usually stare at the page for several minutes trying to make the decision whether or not to check the box. My opinion relative to travel insurance is factor in the time of year your vacationing and the risk factors involved such as weather and holidays. Some places can have frequent cancellations during certain times of the year. If your job has had any impact  in the past on your travel plans.  The cost of the travel insurance itself.

Consider purchasing one way tickets. Paying for half of the airfare at a time can make paying for your trip a bit more affordable and easier to save for when your paying for it in stages.

Rent a condo at a resort. Often times you can get a great rate on a condo at a resort. Most have floor plans ranges from studios to four bedrooms. Each unit usually has a partial or full kitchen.   Many resorts also have outdoor grills to use as well. The option of making some of your meals in-house can save you money and is also a priceless option for family members that may have food allergies.

When researching resorts its important to also consider some resorts have “resort fees”. Resort fees are generally paid when you arrive at your destination. These fees are generally per day per unit. Not all resort fees are unreasonably high, you will just need to factor this in if the place you choose charges resort fees. Most resorts will have this listed in the details about the resort.

Plan out activities and excursions before you arrive. Being spontaneous is lovely but spending your vacation planning what to do isn’t.  Communication is key. Talk to those in your travel party, see what may be on their mind. Find out what activities are include with your stay that might interest you or your travel partners. Most often, people in your travel group will have different ideas of what they would like to explore during their trip.  Most hotels or resorts have information on their website to help you find activities and pricing. Some places will let you reserve in advance certain activities.